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Главная » 2011 » Май » 23 » SAP Business Information Warehouse Reporting: Building Better BI with SAP BI 7.0
SAP Business Information Warehouse Reporting: Building Better BI with SAP BI 7.0
SAP Business Information Warehouse Reporting: Building Better BI with SAP BI 7.0SAP Business Information Warehouse Reporting: Building Better BI with SAP BI 7.0

Данная книга рекомендована как практическое руководство для построения отчетов в системе SAP BI.

Автор: Peter Jones
Формат: pdf
Страниц: 914
Качество: оригинал
Язык: английский
Размер архива: 37.45 Mb

Your Hands-On Guide into SAP Business Information Give your company the competitive edge by delivering up-to-date, pertinent business reports to users inside and outside your enterprise. SAP Business Information Warehouse Reporting shows you how to construct Enterprise Data Warehouses, create workbooks and queries, analyze and format results, and supply meaningful reports. Learn how to use the BEx and Web Analyzers, Web Application Designer, Visual Composer, and Information Broadcaster. You will also find out how to forecast future business trends, build enterprise portals and websites, and tune performance.

Group data into InfoCubes and DataStore Objects and generate reports using queries and workbooks

Work with the BEx Analyzer, Web Analyzer, and Query Designer

Build queries and reports using the Business Administration Workbench

Add attachments and drill-through using Document Integration and RRI

Format and distribute results using Report Designer and Information Broadcaster

Extend functionality with Enterprise Portal, Data Modeling, and Visual Composer

Deploy charts, maps, diagrams, and unit of measure conversions

Predict trends and possible outcomes using SBC and Integrated Planning

Generate HTML pages using Enterprise Reporting and Web Application Designer

Create BI-based corporate Web and intranet sites using SAP Enterprise Portal

SAP Business Intelligence Overview
Storing the Data—SAP/Business Warehouse InfoProviders
Navigating Through the BEx Analyzer
Where It All Starts—The Query Designer
Configuration in the BEx Query Designer—Working with the Numbers
Enhancing the Use of the Characteristics in the BEx Query Designer
Double-teaming the Attachments
Using the Functionality of the BEx Analyzer
Formatted Reporting—SAP Report Designer
Functionality of the Report Designer
Spreading the Word—The Information Broadcaster
Advanced Configuration of the Information Broadcaster
Advanced Reporting Processes and Functionality
Working with SAP BI Standard Business Content
What the Web Can Do for Your Reporting
Organizing Your Reports—Enterprise Portal
Other Options with the Analyzer—Integrated Planning (BI-IP) and Visual Composer (VC)

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