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Курс ADM107 - Мониторинг системы SAP с использованием CCMS, часть II
[ · Скачать (36.01 Mb) ] 10.05.2011, 10:26
During recent years, the monitoring functions in SAP systems have been continuously enhanced and, as the central monitoring of complex system landscapes becomes more and more important, there is a need to explain new monitoring functions (in addition to those already introduced in ADM106 - SAP System Monitoring Using CCMS I). To this goal, we designed ADM107- SAP System Monitoring Using CCMS II.
Building on the knowledge presented in ADM106, you will learn how configure agents in more detail (installation, using central auto-reaction methods, log file monitoring) and you will learn about central performance history and different methods of availability monitoring. Some minor topics complement these key functions.
Monitoring of the SAP Web AS Java will only be touched lightly. Concerning the SAP Web AS Java, there are currently plans to build special training, named ADM215 - Monitoring and Tuning of SAP Web AS Java. Because of the rather complex subject, we have decided to design a separate training offering. Currently, you will find information on monitoring SAP Web AS Java in the training ADM200-SAPWebASJavaAdministration.

Course Overview



Unit 1: Configuring Monitoring Agents

Configuring SAPCCM4X Agent

Configuring SAPCCMSR Agent

Configuring SAPCCMSR -j2ee Agent

Unit 2: Availability Monitoring Using CCMS

AvailabilityMonitoring with CCMSPING

AvailabilityMonitoring withGRMG

RFC Availability Monitoring

Unit 3: Using the Central Data Cache

Using the Central Data Cache

Unit 4: Implementing Central Auto-Reaction Methods

Implementing Central Auto-Reaction Methods

Using Central Auto-Reaction Methods

Unit 5: Monitoring Background Jobs

Monitoring Background Jobs

Unit 6: Monitoring Log File Content

Monitoring Log File Content

Unit 7: Configuring Central Performance History

Motivating the Central Performance History

Configuring the Central Performance History

Using the Central Performance History

Unit 8: Connecting CCMS to AlertManagement (ALM)

Alert Management

Alert Management Configuration

Unit 9: Appendix: Additional Monitoring Functions in CCMS

Appendix: Additional Functions for SAP System Monitoring

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