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Курс ADM106 - Мониторинг системы SAP с использованием CCMS, часть I
[ · Скачать (33.29 Mb) ] 09.05.2011, 17:27
This course explains the benefits of a central monitoring environment. You will be introduced to the technique of connecting remote systems to your central monitoring system and how to create your own monitors. Later on you will see how to monitor components that are not monitored by default. You will understand the concept of property variants and see how these will be used to transport threshold settings and method assignments to other (remote) SAP systems. Finally you will see how you can configure local auto reaction methods, so that each monitored SAP system can raise and handle "alert situations".

Course Overview



Unit 1: Introduction to SAP System Monitoring

Sophisticated System Landscapes

Monitoring Architecture

Monitoring Infrastructure for SAP NetWeaver '04

Unit 2: CCMS Monitoring Basics

Layout andOperation of CCMSMonitors

Node Types

Unit 3: Including Remote Components

Central Registration of Remote SAP Systems

CCMS Agents Technology

Unit 4: Creating Monitors

Creating StaticMonitors

Creating rule-basedMonitors

Unit 5: Monitoring Special Components

Activating SpecialMonitoring Activities

Unit 6: Property Variants

Working With Property Variants

Unit 7: Customizing Thresholds

Customizing Thresholds Using RZ20/RZ21

Unit 8: CustomizingMethods

Data Collection and AnalysisMethods

Auto-Reaction Methods

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